Sharing community knowledge
for better experiences in Zürich

26 500+

members in the main group
Worldwide People in Zurich

50 Facebook Groups

focused on multiple topics
(jobs, housing, sports, travel, pets, foods, drinks, etc.)

150 000+

members combined
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Why we started
To create a place where a large community based in Zürich can share insider tips, helpful information, benefits and more.

Who are we?
We started with a small group of people in 2013, who helped each other other integrate in Zürich everyday life.
Today, we are a large network of Facebook groups that share common values, passions and interests and help each other on a daily basis.

We strongly believe that the best way to succeed is together, that is why we love to support each other and get inspired by it. 

Sharing common interests in a friendly and respectful way